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      Solution of electrical safety and energy management in medical industry

      Energy security guarantee
      Low voltage distribution: low voltage components guarantee the safe and reliable transmission of power distribution system.
      Low voltage distribution monitoring: electrical fire, fire protection power monitoring and monitoring system;
      Comprehensive energy monitoring: energy safety monitoring and control, such as electricity, water, heating and medical gas, the safety monitoring of important equipment, and environmental safety monitoring of building energy.
      Energy quality improvement
      Reactive power compensation class: improve the power factor, reduce the loss of transformer and line;
      Harmonic control: dynamic suppression of harmonics to ensure the healthy operation of major medical equipment;
      Comprehensive monitoring and control class: platform on-line detection of power grid harmonic quality problems, water, electricity, heating, medical gas and other supply quality monitoring and analysis, provide improvement scheme.
      Energy green saving
      On-line monitoring and analysis of energy data to provide reliable data support for decision making;
      Intelligent management and control: realizing remote intelligent control and control of lighting and air conditioning, and achieve the best balance between environmental quality and energy conservation.
      Smart home: people-oriented, providing green and economical human living environment experience.
      Energy equipment operation and maintenance
      Operation and maintenance management: real-time monitoring and analysis, providing efficient operation and maintenance management platform tools;
      Operation and maintenance alarm: centralized alarm management center, real time fault alarm and distribution processing;
      Operation and maintenance information: life cycle management such as equipment ledger, operation and maintenance information management, equipment health characteristics, energy consumption and energy efficiency, operation and maintenance plan, etc., to achieve lean operation and maintenance of equipment.