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    Structural features of KYN61-40.5 armoured transfer switch equipment

    1. The structure of the cabinet is assembled, and the circuit breaker adopts the floor structure of the handcart.
    2. The new type of composite insulated vacuum circuit breaker is used, and it has the characteristics of good interchangeability and simple replacement.
    3. The frame of the handcart is equipped with a screw and nut propelling structure, which can easily move the hand and prevent the damage of the propelling structure by misoperation.
    4. All operations can be operated under the closet door.
    5, the interlocking between the main switch, the handcart and the switch cabinet adopts the way of mandatory mechanical locking to meet the "five anti" function.
    6. The space of the cable room is abundant, and the cable can be connected with many cables.
    7. Fast grounding switches are used for grounding and circuit short circuits.
    8, shell protection grade IP3X, hand car room door open state, protection grade IP2X;
    9. The products are in accordance with GB3906-1991.DL404-1997 and the international IEC-298 standards are adopted with reference.