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      Decision of power distribution safety and ene 2012/5/23

      Combined with the data acquisition of power quality equipment and intelligent instruments, building electrical safety operation, real-time monitoring system, building energy consumption levels between the data interoperability, intelligent management and control flexible, ...

      Solution of electrical safety and energy mana 2012/5/23

      With the premise of safety equipment and hospital electrical safety, energy management platform through monitoring and control integration, according to the hospital needs wisdom integrated all kinds of terminal equipment and professional system, provide more safety, high ...

      Power quality solution for intelligent distri 2012/5/23

      To solve the problems of three phase imbalance, low power factor, low voltage and harmonic pollution in distribution network, improve the comprehensive power quality of distribution network, stabilize and reliable products, serve the construction and operation of power sys...

      Electric safety and energy saving solutions f 2012/5/23

      Mainly for traction substation and station of each region (including traction rectifier room, 400V switch cabinet, loop control electric control room, station control room, station hall, subway station and tower) power supply system to carry out comprehensive, real-time an...

      Rail regenerative braking energy device 2009/2/27

      Taking stable and reliable power quality products, serving the construction and operation of the distribution network of power system, giving full play to the demand side management advantage of electric power reform...