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  3.     Nantong Yili Transformer Co., Ltd. Mainly produces various kinds of dry-type transformers, oil-dipped power transformers, mining transformers, on-load voltage regulation transformer, prefabricated substations, padmounted transformers, series of electrical Reactors, rectifier transformers, etc. The company is awarded as “ Ten best brand-name transformers in China” , “National AAA grade of quality and credit ”, etc.

      Thank you sincerely for choosing our products. To make you ensured to use our products, we’d commit ourselves as follow:

      1.All our products sold are produced strictly based on national standard or industry standard. We offer “three guarantees” for free for the first year after products being sold.

      2.If performance problem occurs due to non-human factors, we can make exchange without condition and we will bear economical loss arised. For problems occurred due to other reasons, we will do our best to coordinate with customers to help them to solve the problem.

      3.We will coordinate with our customers to ensure successful performance and make maintenance. We can also supply spare parts at cost price according to their requirements.  “ Quality first, Customer first” is our operation principle. If there is any quality problem happened, we will be on the spot at the quickest speed.