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        Nantong yili transformer Co.,LTD has engineering technical personnel more than 50 people,employees more than500,covering an area of 12 million square meters,the annual sales up to 600 million yuan medium-sized transformer enterprise,the enterprise has received jiangsu quality trustworthy enterprise,nantong high-tech enterprise,nantong quality,measuring,equipment,environmental protection,pengda advanced collective,nantong civilized unit,HaiAnXian industrial growth enterprise etc title.
     The company had relatively strong production ability and high efficiency of the marketing team.Products include 110kv,220KV large-scale ultrahigh pressure transformer and 35KV dry softwoods transformer,oil-immersed transformer,amorphous alloy transformer substation,and various specifications preinstalled type electric furnace change,change,box,sparying transformer etc rectifier become special transformer,all products are through national transformer quality supervision and inspection center and state power company wuhan institute of routine,high pressure type,the special test.Enterprise has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification;Jiangsu enterprises measurement authentication;truly qualified Meanwhile,the consumers 10KV,grade power transformer,35KV box-type convering stations and obtain adopt international electrotechnical commission IEC authentication.Product sales nationwide market,but also exported to Australia,New Zealand,India,Madageascar,Vietnam and other countries and regions.